Wednesday, 9 January 2013


We Love Soccer
During the winter months a local parent group puts together a soccer play date at our local indoor soccer field. We started going last winter and Kyler really enjoys it so we have been going almost every time they hold this event. It's at least once a month, if not more, and you grab a ball and go kick it around. There isn't an actual structure even but it's a full soccer field to run around on and get out of the house in the middle of winter. The event is for kids 0-5 years and it's perfect for these ages. We take Deagan with us and him and other babies will group together in one area of the field where the little ones can just sit and play on blankets while the older kids run around on the field. Kyler has enjoyed it so much I can't wait for him to turn three so that we can enroll him in Kick-and-Run which is little kid soccer. Both boys have a great time and Kyler looks forward to it every time.

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