Sunday, 6 January 2013

Baby Fever?

Deagan is only 8 months old and I constantly am thinking about having another baby. I probably would too if Brendan were on board but he wants to wait a bit. Which I totally understand, but the baby fever is driving me crazy. Thankfully today I got to go visit my girlfriend and her little one who is 7 weeks old. It was so wonderful to sit there and snuggle in with a little baby, one that just falls asleep in your arms and wants nothing more the love and snuggles. Dayton, my girlfriends little one, is a rollie pollie little man with adorable round little cheeks, wrist rolls, and when sad gets the cutest pouty lip I have ever seen. He is 13+ lbs, which about what Deagan was at his age, but Deagan was a very loooong baby so never got the cute rolls. Dayton also has the cutest hair which is so long and a little on the crazy side. It is a little on the wavy side and likes to stand on end which make for some excellent hair-dos. While having our visit we came to realize Kyler is madly in love with babies. Now Kyler has been an excellent big brother to Deagan since the moment he came home but he really hasn't had much interaction with other babies. Anytime Dayton would cry today Kyler would walk over and gentle rub Dayton's head while saying "it's alright Dayton don't cry" and if Dayton got really upset he would say "uuuumm, Dayton is hunger he needs some boobie" (Anytime Deagan would start to get hungry I would ask him "are you hungry do you need some boobie") which hearing a 2 year old say that a baby needs boobie was hilarious. While this baby visit did curb my baby fix for a little bit I still wish we would be jumping on the baby bandwagon and trying for another. Am I crazy for wanting another one so soon? Probably :)

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