Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Autumn Bucket List- Part 2

I said I would do the autumn bucket list however I realized that I hadn't completed much of it yet. I did do a blog entry on my favorite decor, and I had posted a blog on some of my fall style baking. However, when it came to the other 5 items on Marie's Autumn Bucket List I had been procrastinating. The ones that I really procrastinated on was the favorite outfit and makeup. The reason is that I'm not much into fashion or makeup. For those who know me know that if they see me on a day without makeup it's not a bad's a normal day. Many times when I put on makeup Brendan will ask where I am going because usually when I put on makeup it means there an occasion of some sort. It always concerns Brendan when I put on makeup because he thinks he's forgotten some major important event. As for clothes I find something that works and I stick to it. Whether it is +40c or -20C I always wear the same basics and just slightly change up the top. Nine times out of ten you will see me in jeans and a tank top. The only thing that changes is as the weather gets cooler the covers over the tank top change. Early fall when the weather first starts to change it's usually empire waist t-shirts, then it turns into cardigans, and then to hoodies, and then the process reverses as the weather gets warmer. I went to university to become a high school shop teacher and I feel way more comfortable with my hair pulled back in a ponytail, no make up on, and wearing grease covered overalls than I do wearing a dress/skirt, hair done up nice, and makeup on. The girly side of me very rarely makes an appearance but for you guys I thought I would show you a typical outfit and makeup picture (when I wear makeup). I also thought since I'm fairly boring in the clothing department I would show you my favorite clothes for the boys.

The top row is Deagan's Outfits
Bottom row is my typical outfit and my favorite shirts for Kyler

For Deagan I am loving sweaters or sweater vest and a pair of black or tan pants. Kyler I am madly in love with him in plaid shirts and jeans. I think he just looks soooo adorable in them and it's a little more dressy than his usual long sleeve shirt and pants combo. As for my typical outfit the bottom left picture is it. I was wearing my usual tank top and jeans and then I had an empire waist t-shirt over top (great for nursing) and since Deagan is teething like crazy right now the only accessory I wear is my Chewbeads necklace (which he loves). So that pretty much sums up fall outfits, I have pulled out all the our warm clothing and these are definitely my favorites. 

Now as far as makeup goes I never wear eye shadow, blush, or bronzer so I can't say I have a favorite pallet for fall but I did recently buy a couple of basic products  in the last little while and I LOVE them. On is a lip products and the other is just a concealer, but all us mommas with babies or young ones know that concealer is your best friend!

Top one the lip stain bottom is the concealer
Lip stain is in the color Precious and the concealer is in Buff.

For the days I wear makeup this is what you get :D

Well folks I think that completes part 2 of my Autumn Bucket List but I will have my favorite drink, meal and activity posted soon. Thanks everyone for reading see you back here real soon :)

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Momma I'm a Lion...RAWR!!!

I decided this year that we would do a theme costume as it would probably be the only year that I could choose something for Kyler without him putting up much of a fuss. So I started thinking about what kind of costume theme I could do with 1 girl and 3 boys and Wizard of Oz came to mind. I convinced Brendan that he was going to dress up (which was the hardest part) and started creating costumes. I started off by finding a Lion costume for Kyler at a garage sale. Next I found a plaid shirt and jean overalls that would fit Deagan. Which I then stitched on different length yarn around the wrists and ankles and put patches on the overalls. We then found a hat and stitched yarn around the edge of that as well. My costume was created using a checkered twin sheet, blouse and my old wedding shoes (which I hated wearing because they didn't fit right). I spray painted my shoes red and while they were still tacky I added red glitter to them. Lastly there was Brendan costume which consisted of a funnel, ducting, a box, aluminum foil, and a whole bunch of duct tape. I didn't use a pattern for any of them I just started creating and I think they turned out pretty good. We had lots of people stop and compliment us on our costumes while we were trick-or-treating at the mall and our local cable station stopped us and took pictures of the boys. Hope everyone else had a Happy Halloween and thanks for reading :D