Thursday, 4 December 2014

The truth behind Crazy Wonderful Life

Well one of the wonderful things about our crazy life is, just that, it's crazy. I came to realize it had been awhile since I made a blog post and upon signing in I realized just how long it had been :S 22 MONTHS!!! That's two months shy of two years (for those who are bad with math). How does that happen? Well lets break down what has happened in those 2 years.

April 2013:
Lots of family time and events with the boys.

Both boys have swimming lessons and Kyler is doing some drop in soccer.
May 2013:
Deagan turns 1
Deagan's Smash the cake

 We also found out we would be expecting our 3rd child. Due Date is set for February 8, 2014
We go on our first Kelly Family camping trip and learn that kids+camping=lots of dirt
We also went camping on 2 more occasions this year.

 Kyler turns 3!!!



Our Summer was filled with soccer classes for Kyler, days at the beach, camping trips, birthdays, We took the boys to Cultus lake water slides, went to some local water slides with friends, went to the drive in movie a couple times, took them to the ocean for the first time, did lots of biking with the boys, and tended to our garden.
September brought about Kyler starting another year of strong start (parent participation preschool) and we kept going till the January as we were too busy preparing for the new baby to continue after that. Brendan's sister also got married which I made a slid show for them but caused me to spend less time focusing on youtube and here.

 October was a super fun month with getting ready for Halloween but also because we discovered that we were expecting another little boy :) Our house would soon get a lot louder but our hearts got a lot fuller.

We let the boys choose their own costumes and we ended up with a pumpkin and a bat. It was super cold so we didn't do many houses but they brought in a good haul, including some candy tax for mom and dad ;)

November brought Brendan's 25th birthday! A milestone birthday that he decided to celebrate with tacos and cheesecake. So we garthered together a small group of family and friend and did just that...we celebrated with a buffet style taco line and homemade mars bar cheesecake (with was dangerously delicious I might add.

December brought about Christmas and all the planning the goes into getting ready for the holidays. We cut down our own Christmas tree, did Christmas cookies as a family, gave out baked good to neighbours and friends, and then of course we had our Christmas celebration. Which we did at home with my family and then celebrated Christmas with Brendan's family the weekend after.

Then we rang in the New Year!!! 2014! crazy how quickly this year went by.

January was a quiet month as there was a lull after the holidays however....

February started our year off to a great start. We welcomed our 3rd son into the world on February 10, 2014 at 5:05 in the morning after just 2 hours of labour. Paxton Eli Grey was born at home weighing in at 9lbs 3oz. The whole experience was so amazing and so peaceful, I loved being able to be at home, surround by my own comforts and Kyler and Deagan were so excited to wake up a couple hours later to a little brother in the house.

March brought around Easter, we celebrated with Brendan's family which meant all the grandkids were together so we did and Easter egg hunt at our house. as well as spend family time together.

April slowed down a little bit but we did enroll Kyler and Deagan in Swimming 

May brought about Deagan's 2nd Birthday which we celebrated twice. We did a small party at our house on his birthday and then we did a dual party for both him ad Kyler on the may long weekend down in Vancouver. Deagan at the time was in love with the Disney Short on tv called "Yup Yups" so my mom made a character from the show for him for his birthday
The Vancouver party we did a lego theme party as it was a shared birthday party and the boys loved being able to celebrate their birthday with all their cousins.

June we celebrated Kyler's 4th Birthday with his friends. He decided he wanted to go bowling for his party so we took him and his little buddies bowling and then he asked for a Plants vs. Zombies cake.

This was a common view for us
July was a very busy month which involved us being away every single weekend. We had to back to back camping trips (one for an annual birthday party trip and the other was for the Kelly family 2nd annual camping trip), Brendan's cousin also got married so we attended their ceremony, and then the final weekend in July we took the boys over to Sechelt to visit my aunt and uncle and spend sometime at the ocean.

August we moved into a new place which was crazy trying to do with 2 little boys running around and a baby. Brendan and I managed to do it without trying to kill each other but we did get quite a lot of help moving from family and friends. August also was the month that Brendan's friend got married as well as his twin brother. So another pretty busy month for us. 

September didn't let up either as Kyler was set to start preschool. His teachers came to our house so Kyler could meet them before starting class and it got Kyler really excited for school. 
First set of school photos

October was fun in that we had Halloween again the boys got to choose their costumes so i ended up with 2 ninjas and a baby monster. Brendan had to work for Halloween so I took all 3 boys out trick-or-treating and we had a great time. October was also the month that Kyler had to have a splint on his arm for over a week. They thought he may have broken his growth plate in his wrist but he had just badly bruised it. Kyler was excited for this month as well because it meant that they got to start being able to go to the library at school and pick out books. He has loved having different books to read every week.

November finally slowed down a bit however, it was a sad month in that my Nana passed away. After an 8 year battle with cancer (getting it and beating it 3 times) she passed peacefully surrounded by family. I was so thankful for all the time my boys got to spend with her over the last few years and that they know who she was. With my nana's passing this also meant the first time I would have to make a road trip without Brendan. It was hard not having him by my side but I learned that it was something I was capable of doing.

Then that bring us to now. If you're still reading this thanks for sticking around. This is a really nice time capsule for myself and anyone else who wishes to read it. The whole family is going well; I have started back to work, Brendan is still working with the district, Kyler is doing amazing in school (he can count forwards and backwards from 100), Deagan's speech has really taken off and he has a wonderful sense of humor, and finally Paxton is almost a year now and trying to attempt walking.
Thanks again for reading! Until next time :) (I promise it wont be so long next time)

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Busy Boys

Vinegar and Baking soda experiment
Life in our house has been super busy lately. We told Kyler that when he could be a big boy and go pee on the potty he could go to school so as of late he has been going to strong start which is a parent participant preschool. Kyler has really enjoyed it and getting to play with some kids his own age and they also do lots of fun (and messy) activities and craft which I love that he gets to do and I don't have to clean it up ;). We have also started taking him to an open time at a local gymnastics center which he also has been really enjoying. In a couple short weeks we will be starting back up with swimming lessons for both boys and Kyler will also be participating in Kick & Run (a soccer program for preschoolers).
I love that with the warmer weather we are also getting busier and getting out of the house more. We have been going for bike rides, playing at parks, and going for walks.
Deagan is growing soo much too. He is now taking up to 4 steps by himself, he's waving, and says hi, mama, dada, all done, baba and is starting to work on brother. I can't believe that in a little over a month this little man is going to be ONE!!! Deagan is also starting to play at the playground too he loves going down the slides and swinging on the swings.
The above video is just a quick video of Deagan saying hi.

So yes, we have been super busy. I am sorry for not updating sooner but it's been pretty crazy, I will post again soon.

Thanks for Reading :)

Friday, 1 March 2013

When The Baby Sleeps Away The Toddler Will Play

There are definitely days where I wished the boys would nap at the same time but today was not one of those days. Deagan takes 3 naps a day usually; he wakes up for the day at 7am so first nap rolls around at 9:30am and usually lasts 30 minutes to an hour, then he takes a nap again between 12:30-1:30 and he sleeps for 2 hours at that nap, then he takes his final nap at 5pm for an hour before going to bed for the night at 8:30pm. Kyler takes his nap between 1:30-2:30 and sleeps for at least 2 hours so most days Kyler goes to sleep just as Deagan is waking up.
While Deagan slept with his butt in the air, Kyler and I played in living room. Kyler's imagination right now is crazy one second we are playing firefighters to put out fighters the next minute hes is telling me he pushed a cow in the lake and it swims funny. Seriously, how kids come up with this stuff will continue to baffle me. As we bounced  are from one game of imagination to the other way came to a question that we "mustache" you. Kyler would like to know what you think of the mustache he is growing?

I personally said it was a little long and might get in his soup but he laughed and told me he wanted to grow it BIGGER AND BIGGER! Again, where do kids come up with these things?

I love how much the boys grow and change everyday and I love seeing how much the learn. Kyler is turning into more and more of a comedian and loves to make up his own jokes. Sometimes you have no idea what he is talking about and other times you just have smile and laugh because it's really cute to watch regardless of the punchline.

Thanks for Reading :)

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Day at the Park

All the snow has recently melted which has meant being able to spend so much needed time outside. Keeping a toddler indoors is like trying to gouge your eyes out with forks; it's just not a pleasant experience for anyone. We don't have a lot we can go do during the winter around here which meant buying a lot of Mcdonalds coffee so that they could play in the play place. We are just so much more active when there is no snow. We can go to parks, go for bike rides, go to the beach (which is now a 5min bike ride from our house), go to water parks, play in the yard, play soccer, play soccer, etc the possibilities are endless. That being said we finally got a chance to do some of those thing the last couple of days. We went on our first bike ride of the season, got to play at the park, ran around outside playing with bubbles, played soccer in the front yard and went for a couple walks around the neighbourhood. The boys are loving spending so much time outdoors and it is giving me time to start getting things organized for our gardens. I am so thankful to not have to see snow for at least 8 months. Hope you all are enjoying better weather or are starting to head into nicer weather.

Thanks for Reading :)

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Taco Stuffed Jumbo Shells

I came across this recipe and our family has fallen in love with it. We have added a couple things to it but they are delicious no the less :) If you love tacos then you too will love this recipe.

Taco Stuffed Jumbo Shells  
 This recipe is designed for 12 shells (we found as a meal each person eats between 3-4) so adjust accordingly for more people. Could also be served as an appy.

12 Jumbo Shell Noodles
1lbs Ground Meat (chicken, beef, or turkey)
1 pack taco seasoning
4oz cubed cream cheese
1 cup salsa
1/2 -1 cup taco sauce
1 1/2-2 cups cheese (Cheddar & Jack combo is our favorite)

Toppings Choices:
Sour Cream
Green onion
Hot sauce
Grilled onion

-Preheat oven to 350
- Cook jumbo shells as directed be on their box. Each company has their own instructions for best finished result so follow their instructions.
- While shells are cooking, in a large sauce pan, brown ground meat. Once browned add your taco seasoning (follow taco seasoning package for how much water) and your cubbed cream cheese, let simmer until cream cheese is completely melted and completely mixed together. Remove from heat and let cool
- In a 9x13 bake pan pour 1 cup salsa to coat the bottom of pan. Then place your cooked jumbo shells on top of salsa. (This helps your shells from sticking to the pan and adds flavor)      
- Fill shells with about 2-3tbsp of the meat mixture then add 1-2 tbsp taco sauce to each one.
- Cover with aluminum foils and bake for 20-30 minutes
- Remove  from oven and add your 1-2 cups cheese to the top of the shells. Place bake in the oven, uncovered, for another 15min until the cheese is completely melted
- Place on plates and add desired toppings. (We put everything out on table and let everyone grab what they want on their shells, our favorite combination is sour cream, hot sauce, and green onion) 

Prep time: 15 minutes
Cook time: 45 minutes

Hope you enjoy and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Thanks for Reading :)   

Monday, 18 February 2013


Well Blogging everyday took the back burner for a while. We had sick babies and I was working a bunch the last little while. So because of that we have done virtually nothing. Plus I have been working on creating a consignment event for my area which has taken up a LOT of time. Anywho I'm still going to try to get in regular Blogs but it may not be everyday. I will for sure post one once a week and sometimes more on a good week :) In the mean time here are a couple pictures of the boys to add the cuteness factor.

Deagan is now 40 weeks and Kyler is 32 months.

Thanks For Reading :)

Thursday, 7 February 2013


Teething smile..notice the drool
The last week has brought on colds. Kyler got strep throat, I got the flu, Deagan was teething and also had a cold, which made for a miserable house. However it did bring on some good things too. Kyler is about 90% potty trained and only needing a pull up at night, Deagan has started waving and trying to say hi. Which means he now says mama, dada, baba, and hi, and Deagan gained more teeth which meant we could try some new food. Today Deagan got to try chicken loaf which he LOVED and perogies which he liked the potato filling but didn't like the shell.
Deagan eating Chicken Loaf and Perogies
Kyler and I have had the opportunity to have lots of cuddle time which has meant that we have been able to count items, our alphabet, and "what belongs". We have quite a few activity books for Kyler now so we have been doing a lot of work with them. With Kyler knowing his numbers up to 20 we have been working on properly counting items (pointing to objects and counting them as you go) he can also pick out like items to count ie. a picture full of trucks and asking him to count just the firetrucks. Kyler knows his alphabet but has been working on recognizing the letters. He knows certain letters really well but has a hard time with other letters so anytime we read a story we point out letters. He is also liking the "what belongs" exercise. Our work books have pictures of firetrucks and then it asks what goes with the firetruck and he like to pick out what doesn't belong.

All in all it has been a good week minus the illnesses and teething :)

            9 months                                                                         2.5 Years

Thanks for Reading :)