Thursday, 7 February 2013


Teething smile..notice the drool
The last week has brought on colds. Kyler got strep throat, I got the flu, Deagan was teething and also had a cold, which made for a miserable house. However it did bring on some good things too. Kyler is about 90% potty trained and only needing a pull up at night, Deagan has started waving and trying to say hi. Which means he now says mama, dada, baba, and hi, and Deagan gained more teeth which meant we could try some new food. Today Deagan got to try chicken loaf which he LOVED and perogies which he liked the potato filling but didn't like the shell.
Deagan eating Chicken Loaf and Perogies
Kyler and I have had the opportunity to have lots of cuddle time which has meant that we have been able to count items, our alphabet, and "what belongs". We have quite a few activity books for Kyler now so we have been doing a lot of work with them. With Kyler knowing his numbers up to 20 we have been working on properly counting items (pointing to objects and counting them as you go) he can also pick out like items to count ie. a picture full of trucks and asking him to count just the firetrucks. Kyler knows his alphabet but has been working on recognizing the letters. He knows certain letters really well but has a hard time with other letters so anytime we read a story we point out letters. He is also liking the "what belongs" exercise. Our work books have pictures of firetrucks and then it asks what goes with the firetruck and he like to pick out what doesn't belong.

All in all it has been a good week minus the illnesses and teething :)

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