Thursday, 28 February 2013

Day at the Park

All the snow has recently melted which has meant being able to spend so much needed time outside. Keeping a toddler indoors is like trying to gouge your eyes out with forks; it's just not a pleasant experience for anyone. We don't have a lot we can go do during the winter around here which meant buying a lot of Mcdonalds coffee so that they could play in the play place. We are just so much more active when there is no snow. We can go to parks, go for bike rides, go to the beach (which is now a 5min bike ride from our house), go to water parks, play in the yard, play soccer, play soccer, etc the possibilities are endless. That being said we finally got a chance to do some of those thing the last couple of days. We went on our first bike ride of the season, got to play at the park, ran around outside playing with bubbles, played soccer in the front yard and went for a couple walks around the neighbourhood. The boys are loving spending so much time outdoors and it is giving me time to start getting things organized for our gardens. I am so thankful to not have to see snow for at least 8 months. Hope you all are enjoying better weather or are starting to head into nicer weather.

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