Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Terrible Two's?

So I have no idea as to weather or not this is a phase but Kyler has started screaming temper tantrum fits. Without a consistent trigger as to what is causing these tantrums we have all been walking on eggshells trying not to "poke the bear."When the gets into these tantrums he screams forever i'm sure if we let him he would probably scream all day. We have tried ignoring him, reasoning with him, asking him if there is something he would like, bribing, distraction (which made it 10 times worse), and many other tactics but nothing seems to be working. Is this actually just a phase? It breaks my heart to watch him scream blue murder for an hour or so without being able to calm him in anyway. In trying to help the situation I think we have made matters worse. When he first started these tantrums we would put him in his room away from all excitement/stimulation however now when he starts to get upset he screams that he is going to his room and will just sit in his room and scream. Am I crazy is this actual terrible two's or is this something else? I'm going crazy listening to him scream all day.

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