Monday, 7 January 2013

New Snowfall, New Diapers

Last night we had a heavy snowfall warning in our area and got quite a bit of snow. We ended up getting about 6" of wet heavy snow which caused Kyler to be itching to go out and play in it as soon as he woke up. While Deagan and I played inside Brendan got Kyler all dressed to play outside while Brendan shoveled our walk and driveway. Kyler was soo excited to play in snow, he would get up on our front porch and jump off into the snow, grab some snow, and then run over and throw it at Brendan.

While Kyler and Brendan were outside, Deagan and I were inside playing. We just received some of our new diapers from Luv Earth Diapers so I decided to give Deagan some shirt and diaper time. Deagan was happy without pants while he sat deciding whether his mod of transportation would be butt scooting or crawling. He would sit playing with toys and then try and shuffle on his butt to move towards other toys, but then if a toy was really far away he would lunge forward into the crawling position and try the rock back and forth motion. We are all betting on which way will be Deagan's chosen mod of transportation. 

Today was just one of those relaxing days with family. It was so nice to just enjoy time with our boys considering how busy our schedule has been for the last month.  I'm looking forward to more of these days as our schedule has completely clear until about April (or so it stands right now)

Hope you all had a wonderful day with your family as well and we will see you pack here tomorrow. 

Thanks for Reading :)

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