Friday, 4 January 2013

Blog every day in 2013

Deagan 34 weeks
Kyler 2.5 years old
Okay so I have been on the fence as to weather or not I would blog ever day in 2013 and doing so I think has won. I am a few days late but I think this is a great goal to make for myself and one I'm pretty sure I can accomplish seeing as how I am usually on the computer at some point during the day already. With the boys growing so quickly it will also give me a chance to make notes as to where there at. For instance Deagan is almost crawling/butt scooting (not sure which one he's going to choose), he is saying mama and dada, sit without assistance, does a "happy dance" when he's excited, and has gone from 2 teeth to 6 teeth all in the course of 2 weeks. In this same period of time I have had 6 different people ask me how old Kyler was and when I told them two and a half their jaws hit the floor. Every one of them thought he was 4 or older which I really didn't see until I saw him interacting with his four year old cousin and he looked and acted the same way. Kyler has also decided for the last week that nap time is irrelevant. For the last week every time I have tried to put him down for a nap I get told "NO Momma, the sun is up so it's not sleep time" and if I ask him to just have a lay down he come out of his room 5 minutes later saying "Good morning Momma, I'm awake now." The boys are now starting to play together, Kyler brings out his cars and bring out a couple of Deagan's cars and ask him to play with him. Granted just sits and chews on his cars while Kyler plays but Kyler is eager to show Deagan how you "properly" play cars. I am enjoying watching my boys grow up but I wish it didn't happen soo fast.

Brotherly Love

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