Friday, 18 January 2013

Chinese Food

Wearing Poohpa's hat at supper.
After days of craving Chinese food I went out with the boys, my sister, and parents for dinner. We have a local family Chinese food buffet restaurant that my family has been going to since before I was born. The lady who runs the restaurant knows who we are and always comes by to say hi when we are there. Today was Deagan first time going and Mai (the owner) came over to oogle both Kyler and Deagan. She also proceeded told me the "grandparents love grandbabies so keep having babies." We also came to find that Deagan loves chow mein, fried rice, and the veggies from the beef and greens dish. Never have I seen him devour food so fast, and believe me he eats like a pig to begin with. The night would have been better had Brendan been able to join us but it was a fun night.

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