Sunday, 27 January 2013

Gym and Indoor Playground

Today one of Kyler's little friends celebrated their birthday at one of our local indoor playground/play gym area. Kyler loves going to the indoor playground it's his favorite play to go other than our soccer outings. Today Kyler was more into the play gym than usual, he wanted to jump on the trampolines and jump into the foam fits. The last time we tried playing on the gym side Kyler would only jump into the foam if Brendan was holding his hand, not today. 

Deagan enjoyed the toddler area of the indoor playground, he slide down the little kid slide and climbed the toddler enclosure mesh. He loved playing with the larger building blocks and watching his brother make towers with them. 

Every time we go to the indoor playground Brendan turns into a big kid too. He chases Kyler all over the place and plays games with Ky too. Today at the gym Brendan played "Wreck it Ralph" with Kyler. Brendan was "Fix-it Felix" building towers with the large building blocks and Kyler was "Wreck-it Ralph"  who would come along and knock over the towers. 

It was an awesome day and all my boys had fun :D

Thanks for Reading :)

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