Sunday, 7 October 2012


So Kyler is crazy about Firetrucks he has firetruck pj's, firetruck pillow, fireman's hat, firetruck shaped ball pit, firetruck books, and about 20 different firetrucks toys. Any time he hears a siren he shouts at us exclaiming, "FIRETRUCK" and when he is starting to get tired or upset he sits with Dada on the computer and watches 30min Firetruck Parades. Well after coming to the realization that my cousin is a firefighter with one of our local volunteer departments we asked if we could arrange for Kyler to go see the firetrucks. Last weekend we took a trip to the fire hall and you would have thought it was Christmas. He ran from one firetruck to another asking to be put in the drivers seat so he could drive. Then my cousin brought our his fire gear and let Kyler try it on, now Kyler is running around saying he's going to be a firefighter. This trip totally made his day, week, month, and probably year :D

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