Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Autumn Bucket List

I have decided to do the Autumn Bucket List created by Marie and her blog. Even though life is really hectic right now with a move coming up, at the end of the month, there are a few things I wanted to do and I figured this would be easy enough to do amidst all the packing and boxes.  I am a huge fan of Halloween and usually decorate the house completely for fall/Halloween including painting some kind of mural on our window (I do this for Christmas too and it will be done then :D). I just recently posted one of my favorite decor items, the holiday fabric wreath. I love more crafty style decor items and so I thought is was great for this list. While I am going to do this list I wanted to add my own bucket list items to it.

This fall we would like to....
~ Go to the pumpkin patch/corn maze
~ Go on a Hay ride
~ Pull out all our warm clothing
~ Get some family photos done
~ Complete our costumes for Halloween (a secret till Halloween gets closer)
~ Carve pumpkins
~ Do some fall baking
~ Make some stew (enough to freeze some as well)
~ Make some fall crafts with the boys

 These are photos we took while visiting the pumpkin patch with the daycare kids..we still want to go as just a family. Three two year olds' in a maze was quite the crazy adventure.
Thanks For Reading :D

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  1. Thanks for linking up! Can't wait to see what you bake up in the fall!