Monday, 15 October 2012

Fabric Holiday Wreath

With becoming a mom, I have rediscovered my crafty side, and after remembering doing this craft when I 10 years old I thought I would give it another shot. Initially when I learned how to make these it was as a Christmas craft but I figured it could be done for any season or occasion. This craft is super easy and costs very little to make.
All you'll need is......
1- Wire clothes hanger
1 meter of assorted cotton fabric (specific to your occasion, I picked oranges)
A pair of pinking sheers or regular scissors (pinking sheers make the fabric look nicer)
Hot glue gun
Seasonal decorations

1.) First thing you want to do bend the triangular part of the coat hanger into a circle as this will create the ridged part of your wreath.

2.) Cut all your fabric into strips approximately 6" long and 1" wide (these do not have to be exact)
this is where having the pinking sheers is nice as they will look a little nicer and keep the edges from fraying too much

3.) Next your going to tie the fabric onto the coat hanger following whatever pattern you have decided on for your fabric (I went from yellow to dark orange repeating)
             Just a simple not in the center of the fabric will hold just fine
       Continue this step until you have filled in the entire hanger  (for a fuller wreath push the fabric knots towards the first piece that was tied on in order to bunch the fabric up more)

4.) Once you have tied enough fabric on (approx. 200 strips) your going to fluff up the wreath by pulling on the knot ends so that they are not all laying in one direction.

5.)  At this point your wreath is finished and you can leave it like this or you can add seasonal decoration to it. I have added wooden letters painted in a dark brown to mine which spell out fall, however you can add what ever you would like (the one I made in fourth grade was for Christmas and has a Santa and some Christmas bobbles on it).

6.) your final step if to figure out how to hang it. I like to bend the hanger part so that you can hook it over a door you may also want to cut the top hanger part off and just hang it from the indent at the top of the Hanger

So there you have it a fabric holiday wreath that you can make for any occasion. Hope you enjoy

I also wanted to say that this is my favorite way to decorate my house. I love the hand made crafty projects around the house. My other favorite thing is to do murals on our Livingroom window (however we are moving and I couldn't do it this year for Halloween)
Thanks For Reading :D


  1. Oh, that's gorgeous. I'm so jealous of crafty people! Maybe I will give this one a try. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. This is definitely a craft that is more on the easy side of things :D As your fabric doesn't have to be cut perfectly and if you can tie a know you can make these. I think that's why I love them sooo much.