Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Reese Squares

I made more of these squares  the other night, as for some reason they don't last very long ;).....OH how I wish I had brought out the video camera as Kyler had decided to help himself to the pre-cut bars in the fridge. It was later in the evening and Kyler had just finished having his bath. He had gone to the fridge to grab his milk as he usually does after his bath when all got extremely quiet. I decided to investigate and as I came around the corner I find my son shoving the bars in his mouth like a chipmunk storing nuts for the winter. There is now peanut butter and chocolate from one ear to the other, up his nose, all over his hand, and up his arms. He quickly looks up and me gapes his mouth open and say "Momma, I'm sowrry" I stood there trying not to laugh as I had to let Kyler know that he was in some sort of trouble. Well suffice it to say Kyler had two baths that night and we were down another 4 bars :)

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