Thursday, 13 September 2012

We're Moving!!!

After issues with our landlord for the last little while, the weight has been lifted and we have found a new place to live. We are sooo excited to move into this place as it will give the boys room to grow and play. It is a place where we can live until we can afford to buy a place of our own and that was soooo important to Brendan and I that we be able to provide that for our boys. The place needs a little bit of paint as there is some AWESOME 80's wallpaper in most of the bedrooms but both boys will have their own bedroom and there is an extra room that will be there playroom. It is exactly what Brendan and I were hoping to find. When we get to do our walk through closer to the move in date I will add some pictures of it  but for now you will just have to wait. :)

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