Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Home Sick

How do you entertain a two year old who is sick and miserable and doesn't want to play? Well we have found the coloring, playing with play-doh, and curling up on the couch watching movies takes up most of our day. The whole family is sick right now and other than the runny noses, whiny fits, and midnight wakings I actually enjoy it. Everyone wants cuddles and I have been able to get in some good quality time with all my boys, which is really nice. Deagan is already a mama's boy so being sick makes him even more so and Kyler is so go, go, go all the time that I rarely get a descent cuddle from him. So it has been really nice to just curl up on the couch and watch a movie together. Plus Brendan turns into the biggest baby too he reminds me of the the guy on the Dayquil commercial who is laying in bed whining to his wife to call his mom, not the wanting his mom but the whining about being sick part sums up Brendan. Thankfully I'm on the mend a bit so I can look after all my boys and make them all better so we can get back to our regular adventures :D

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